CTS provides solutions for some of the country’s most innovative users of mobile technology. We design custom tailored solutions to support your business needs.

Apple Device Management

CTS is a proud reseller of Apple Authorized Products. We are a fully certified repair center with the ability to sell and repair Mac, iPhone, and iPad. We also enroll devices into Apple Business Manager (ABM). Our team can prepare your next deployment and offer repair services with AppleCare+ warranty coverage to extend the life of your devices.

DAAS Full Package

Device as a Service (DaaS), is an IT service delivery model in which organizations delegate the procurement, management, and maintenance of their hardware devices. By leveraging DaaS, organizations can reduce the cost of owning and managing hardware, while also taking advantage of the latest hardware and software technology. Outsourcing the entire hardware lifecycle from procurement and setup to maintenance and disposal, the burden on IT teams is reduced, freeing up resources to focus on more st

Device Managment Bundle

CTS has the ability to create bundled services for your company assets. Our team can assemble a package that encompasses your specific device management needs.

NAAS Full Package

CTS Provides Network as a Service (NaaS) which enables companies to have their own networks without having to maintain thier own infrastructure. This reduces cost and increases flexibility, creating a scalable environment.


CTS is a the leader in Next Generation FIxed Wireless Access Services and Devices (FWA). We are able to source and install a wide variety of devices for your company and additionally have superior data plans through the Verizon Network. Whether your site is 4G or 5G we will be able to tailor the solution required for your next deployment.

Failover Router / Business Continuity

CTS Mobility enables uninterrupted service for your organization. Our selection of failover routers will enable your business to keep running in the event that a main carrier network disconnects ensuing business continuity.

POS Station Deployments

CTS Mobility provides Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions and deployment to all customers from start-ups to stadiums, in the hospitality, retail, and commercial industries. CTS provides a seamless customer experience to our clients, that is efficient and simple in execution.