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Origin story of CTS

CTS Mobility, LTD, formerly Complete Tablet Solutions, began in 2004. At the time, our services were based around tablet sales, during a time when tablets were not very visible in the market. Over time, CTS forged partnerships with industry leaders and transitioned into the mobility space. After entering mobility, we became the first Verizon Elite Partner and have worked to continue that relationship. We have continued to expand our reach, connecting enterprise clients around the world. We now also have dedicated partnerships with Apple, Samsung and many other partners.

Today, CTS is a recognized in the connectivity space, and a leader in the Fixed Wireless Internet (FWA) and Business Internet (BI) markets. We have expanded our offerings to include onsite service, with 24/7/365 remote support to reduce customer downtime. As we enter the future of connectivity we continue to expand our partner relationships and services, fulfilling our clients requirements and seeking new solutions for tomorrow.

Today, we are focused on enabling our customers to realize the incredible productivity enhancements that are achieved through a well-informed vision and strategy. We continue to expand our technology with products, services, and methods to provide the best-in-class outcome for our customers. CTS Mobility a consultative approach, with vast platforms including many hardware partners, peripherals, software, and emerging 5G solutions. With team members across all 50 states and internationally, CTS is committed to the highest levels of service quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us to see how we are making a difference.    

Meet the team & locations

Vic Jain

Love what you do, say what you mean.. I strive for a legacy where I have made a difference and empowered those around me.

Meet the team & locations

Vevak Jain

Love what you do, say what you mean.. I strive for a legacy where I have made a difference and empowered those around me.

Dan Hurd

The most important thing is a person’s word; say what you mean, mean what you say and deliver as promised. Honor your convictions. Live a life that supports your family and honors the values of integrity and honesty.

Mike Giese

I believe that relationships are built on doing what you say and delivering on commitments made. Our team works hard every day to be the business partner you like, know and trust.

Shawn Jain

Marty Gleason

Through the myriad of life lessons, the golden rule states that one should treat others as they want to be treated, in addition, anything worth doing is worth doing well as a Team are invaluable as guiding principles today and everyday.

Pete Dunn

I am pete. I put the internet in the internet of things. Work hard, play hard, and never give up.

Priya Jain

To incorporate patience and silence in my daily life. We all know communication is extremely important. But, to me patience and silence are two very powerful energies. Patience makes you mentally strong and silence makes you emotionally strong.

Geoffrey Trevino

The most challenging aspect of improvement is overcoming the fear of seeing ourselves as part of the problem.

Ken Dransfield

I always consider the long-term implications with interactions and projects. It’s easier to grow a business when you do the right things and sell based on needs instead of someone else’s metrics.

Jonathan Lamlech

Comfort is the enemy of progress. Once you accept being uncomfortable and the thought that you are not in control, you can truly start to thrive with a positive mental attitude on work, family, and life. This attitude reflects leadership, so be that leader for others in need.

Merret Mullins

Execution and accountability are the keystones of success. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Megan Hernandez

Always striving for professional and personal success, building relationships, and listening with an open mind. To be resourceful and to move forward without fear of failure.

Donald Boelter

Active listening is a core human strength. This is how we learn to provide the best solutions on and off the field. By actively listening, not only can we better adhere to a need, but strengthen our relationships as a whole.

Dillon Ponder

I pride myself on my ability to adapt to new environments, teams, businesses, and ways of finding a solution to a problem. Through collaboration and finding a common goal I feel all sides can come to a solution together. Communication and relationship building is crucial in growing as well as trust. But most of all, I strive to make my work with other teams and businesses as enjoyable as possible, and know that my team will not steer you the wrong way.

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Our Values

To create solutions that meet the needs of our customers with the highest quality and service while delivering a cost-effective solution. We also utilize our diverse team who treat customers with warmth, integrity and honesty leading to the most produtive outcome.

To simplify complex solutions and empower our customers ensuring quality outcomes, performance, and value

Our approach ensures our customers gain maximum value and optimized business performance, leading to success and return on their investment.

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Apple Service Provider
Samsung Ascend
Ingram Micro
TD Synnex

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