Waste services company

Waste services company

The company is the fastest growing waste and recycling company in the country having grown from 40 to 560 locations/companies. They needed a solid partner to manage provisioning tablets, warehousing, logistics and returns. Instead of multiple partners, they were in need of one partner that they could count on to fulfill all of their needs and reduce costs. The logistics of getting devices to each location was proving to be a challenge for them.

In addition, they did not have enough warehouse space to store their devices or technical knowledge to provision and deploy. They had had negative experiences working with other partners and were looking for a full, 360, solution. Not only was the need in the now, the need was to support ongoing growth and future acquisitions. In addition to service, CTS offered the TAB ACTIVE PRO, which provided the right form factor with required rugged specifications.


  • MDM/Provisioning/Logistics
  • Warehouse- keep Customer Owned Inventory
  • Phased Rollout
  • Custom Portal
  • TAB-Act Pro
  • Screen Protectors
  • Warranty on each device
  • Kitting Service- Provisioning

CTS Value Add

  • CTS built trust and confidence in this partner that they would be able to support them as they grow.
  • Working with CTS the customer was able to delegate management of their devices, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and growth goals.
  • CTS sources the devices (TAB Active), warehouses, provisions and ships to more than 500 locations worldwide. We were able to provide additional services and full solutions to help them with many projects now and in the future.
  • CTS was highly Recommended by Verizon. We had a question set and knowledgeable staff to identify hidden client issues. There was confidence in our onboarding and sales process. Our price structure- internally was able to reduce prices in areas due to our activation credits.
  • CTS stepped in and provided needed capabilities plus a customer portal which enables the client and CTS to be in constant live communication and collaboration.
  • H4CTS has delivered thousands of devices to end-users with a thorough and efficient process. Orders range in size from individual shipments to bulk shipments, all turned around expediently. Our comprehensive capabilities enabled our client to utilize one partner to fulfill all needs instead of multiple. (reduce vendors, reduce costs)