Investment Firm

Investment Firm

The company is an investment firm located in the greater Austin area for the last 20 years. They are an industry leading business in the K-12 Ed Tech space and have grown into the largest vendor nationally. With that, they have parlayed their experience to invest in several other industries including hospitality, medical, and lifestyle. 1 year of employment, causing them to continuously take losses on equipment and pay early termination fees for contract cancellations. Upon termination, the client needed a more rapid response to shutting down ex-employee access to their systems by blocking the connectivity of the unit in each representatives home.


  • CTS assessed the client’s current environment.
  • CTS gathered all of the necessary information for the technical scope evaluation.
  • CTS qualified the opportunity from a technical standpoint.
  • As a part of the solution, CTS recommended that they add multiple tenants so they could independently manage their domains. This included migration of emails and Google Drive data to their respective tenants.

CTS Value Add

  • CTS provided constant communication which kept the project track and created momentum
  • The migration was completed within 1 month from the date of live migration kick off
  • The CTS team provided 24/7 support and training during and after the migration.
  • As a Verizon Elite Partner CTS was able to provide the customer with a level of trust during this venture.
  • The customer recognized that CTS was professional and thorough during all aspects of the engagement.
  • CTS provided timely reporting during each phase of the migration.