Healthcare and insurance company

Healthcare and insurance company

The company needed a solution to provide connection into their VPN with users in rural areas. Providing this solution for all of their work from home employees has proven difficult as it causes them to have various different wireline partners as they have representatives nationwide and no universal connection source for all locations. In addition to the coverage of the continental US, the client has a significantly high turn over within 1 year of employment, causing them to continuously take losses on equipment and pay early termination fees for contract cancellations. Upon termination, the client needed a more rapid response to shutting down ex-employee access to their systems by blocking the connectivity of the unit in each representatives home.


  • Individual Site Deployment, with custom provisioning.
  • Collection of information for asset management.
  • Tier 2 Technical Support- Call Center. Included in services, not upsold.
  • Lifecycle Management for terminated employees.
  • Free Askey Verizon Router (with activation credit).
  • Asset Tags- included in overall service cost.
  • Portal Management- included in overall service cost.
  • Custom Configuration- included in overall service cost.
  • Verizon MyBiz Manage Service- included in overall service cost.

CTS Value Add

  • Ability to manage every asset/user in the field.
  • Deployment through integrated portal system that all parties involved could access- Verizon, CTS, and the Healthcare Company.
  • Facilitation of a lifecycle management program where CTS recovers, re-configures and places the device back into the client’s owned stock, eliminating any additional incurred fees for terminated employees.
  • Recommendation to manage MyBiz Platform allowing for suspension of devices in real time, and elimination of terminated employees information from the system ensuring communications ceased immediately, and the device was ready to be re-assigned without the client needing to engage in anyway.
  • Open communication with the client’s technical support allowed for CTS to alter engagement practices for all parties to ensure resources were not wasted on basic troubleshooting requests. Instead, a stop process was put into place to ensure rapid closure of trouble tickets, allowing for more time back to the client’s technical agents.
  • Price - CTS was able to partner with Verizon to develop a model where the cost was covered in offerings back from Verizon, ensuring an approval of the POC.
  • CTS was able to work in tandem with Verizon on deployment strategy to tighten the timeline, to ensure we were successful in meeting the SLA. Example: CTS requested units not be assigned upon deployment from Verizon allowing for faster deployment and activation from the warehouse with fewer errors, and an easier end user assignment process for CTS to manage. Example: SLA for deactivation within an hour. Example: Overnight shipping from Verizon with asset communication allows for individual tickets to be loaded within the 24 hours for the devices to arrive. Example: New order reporting in real time.
  • Ability to manage the assets, install tags, and work with them to create an overall platform that meets CTS and thier guidelines.s