Department store corporation

Department store corporation

The Customer discovered that their routers were not ideal due to their limited support abilities. Overall monitoring was lacking, and the customer did not have visibility to the organization’s status. The Inseego FW2000E Outdoor Unit requires a site survey and professional installation due to being outdoors. CTS was able to support the customer in this aspect, while also providing additional services. This is an on-going national deployment that includes all of the brands housed under the their umbrella. The end users of this device upgrade were the individual store Managers on Duty. End users were not technically trained and needed assistance from CTS in order to update the facility.


  • Support on Askey Routers, 24/7/365
  • Mass deployment and as needed emergency site installations
  • Site survey to determine network issues prior to deployment with signal measurement, cabling path analysis, and device placement and aiming, along with feasibility study.
  • Free Askey Verizon Router (with activation credit)
  • Asset Tags
  • Upgraded Routers to FW2000E- purchased and on-going for current deployments

CTS Value Add

  • CTS was recommended and supported by the Verizon team for this deployment, and CTS was able to build a relationship based off the recommendation.
  • CTS promptness- our competitor could take weeks before sending a tech to a site and we were able to provide a 72 hour turnaround. CTS standard is 5 business days and theirs was 2 weeks.
  • Differentiator - CTS was also able to manage, install, and complete sites with their team of installers and Remote Support Team. Our model allows for one Remote Support Technician per On-site Technician to provide advanced troubleshooting and instruction without delay.
  • Visibility - CTS was able to provide a custom portal so the customer could see the status of installations.