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Data, video and voice are driving the demand for network capacity. The need for secure network connection in non-traditional locations – first responder vehicles, remote offices, football stadiums, etc. – is creating the need for flexible networking capabilities. CTS partners with the leading providers of advanced network solutions to be sure you can connect anytime, anywhere.

WLAN/Wi-Fi • Internet of Things • Failover Networks • Mobile Wi-Fi
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WLAN or Wi-Fi networks enablemobile devices to connect without wires. CTS provides both indoor and outdooraccess points so that you can connect anywhere you need.

Many businesses are turningto LTE networks to satisfy their networking needs. These flexible networksoffer high bandwidth, high reliability, security and flexibility to meet today’s business needs.

Internet ofThings

By 2025, the total installedbase of IoT connected devices is expected to amount to 21.5 billion worldwide.1That will require plenty of network capacity.

CTS partners with the leadingproviders of IoT connectivity solutions to enable you to create the networkwith the optimal power consumption, range and bandwidth.

Whether you are receivingsmall bursts of data from an industrial sensor or streams of HD video, CTSprovides the gateways, modems and routers to keep you connected and secure.

1Source: Statista


Failover networks take overwhen Wi-Fi experiences an outage, ensuring that a connection is alwaysavailable. LTE failover has the added advantage of not being in the same trenchas your primary network.

Many businesses cannotperform financial transactions when the internet is down, disappointingcustomers and very harmful to a business. A failover solution keeps youoperational.

CTS has a solution that won’tbreak your budget.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Many industries see the needfor in-vehicle Wi-Fi. First responders rely on it for their command centers.Public transportation makes it available for passengers, making the commutemore productive and enjoyable. Turn a bus ride to a study hall by adding it toschool buses.

Mobile Wi-Fi in your fieldservice vehicles makes it easier to capture real-time sales data and trackinventory. CTS offers mobile network solutions that help you keep a birds-eyeview on your productivity.


Wireless routers connected toa cellular network can provide internet access. For workers in remote locationsand frequent travelers that depend upon reliable connectivity, this personal hotspotis a private, secure option.

Cellular Carrier Service

Cellular carrier service maybe necessary for employees who work on the road, for frequent travelers or toensure anytime, anywhere accessibility. CTS supports activations for the majorcarriers. [At the time I wrote this, Verizon was pretty shy about letting us includeinformation about them on our website. They now seem more open to it, sosomeone closer to them should rewrite this.]


The Software-Defined WANremoves network traffic management from on-premise hardware to cloud-basedsoftware. This approach has made networks much more flexible, allowingbusinesses to realize increased performance, enhanced user experiences,superior business productivity and reduced IT costs.  

POTS LineReplacement

Analog phone lines are beingtaken out of service, replaced by lower-cost, higher performance digitalnetworks. A wide range of technologies such as intercoms, elevator emergencyphones, older fax machines and alarm systems still rely on POTS lines.  CTS cans how you how to replace your analoglines with lower cost VOIP technology that works with your legacyinfrastructure.


5G is rolling out across theUnited States; almost half the population should have access to 5G by the endof 2020. With blazing speeds of 10 Gbps, it will open up the possibility of amore connected world than we have ever imagined. CTS will provide projectplanning and deployment services to help you realize your vision as well asnetwork equipment from the leading connectivity providers.


CTS provides tools to protectyour network from external threats, viruses and malware to ensure yourcompany’s network is up and running securely. In addition, we offer solutionsto ensure that only the appropriate individuals are accessing your proprietarydata.

CTSLifecycle Management Services

CTS is a solutions integrator and can work with you to create advanced network solutions designed for long-term success and maximum uptime while staying within your budget.




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