Connected Workforce

The contemporary workforce is more connected to critical information, customers, and colleagues than ever imagined even a decade ago. The increased usage of mobile devices and cloud-based apps and data storage has enabled communications and productivity advancements, making the ability to perform the job extremely flexible.

Offices are still necessary, but many employees can now work from almost anywhere and at almost any time. This more flexible, while a more productive, career environment has allowed companies to attract and retain the top recruits by delivering a healthier work/life balance. 

A connected workforce effortlessly communicates and collaborates whether they are working at corporate headquarters, in the field or at a remote non-office setting. They must be able to securely and reliably connect to the internet and be outfitted with, at a minimum, mobile computing tools such as laptops and tablets and communications devices such as smartphones.

The benefits of mobility and the cloud extend to nearly every job function.

Office Staff

Online collaboration tools and video conferencing allows employees to be connected to their teammates and work together from virtually anywhere.  Your workgroup may consist of Diane at her kitchen table, Joe at his picnic table, Beth at the coffee shop and Bobby in the office, but you all are able to contribute and do your part from multiple settings.

Some of the tools that make this possible include:

Wi-Fi – The ability to connect to the internet is necessary to utilize collaboration tools. CTS andVerizon can provide high-speed, secure and reliable LTE Wi-Fi services.

Smartphone – phones are essential for reliable communications.

Laptop – Not all apps are available in the cloud. For real computing, an enterprise laptop is an ideal solution to take anywhere.

Tablet – Many people are migrating to tablets as a laptop replacement. With support for keyboards, pens and mice, the latest generation of enterprise tablets offering amazing computing capabilities.

Endpoint Management –MDM/EMM/UEM tools allow IT managers to maintain a secure environment, even for remote workers. They can manage which apps are accessed on particular networks, protecting company proprietary data. Filters help manage which apps are available over the company network and at what time, ensuring that users areonly using their data plans for business applications.

Printers and Monitors are necessary for many workers, even in a remote location.


Field Service

Mobile solutions for field service, along with constant connectivity, help you provide a stellar experience for your customers. Map and routing apps ensure they aren’t late due to poor directions. They provide you real-time visibility into your productivity.

CTS delivers the tools to keep your field service team operating at peak efficiency.

Smartphone– Reliable communications are a must for all job functions. With their lightweight and small form factor, Smartphones are also an ideal tool for collecting data in the field and sharing it with headquarters.

Rugged devices – For field workers who work in harsh environments, rugged or semi-rugged tablets combine durability with tablet functionality.

Vehicle mounts - To prevent devices from bouncing around service vehicles, specialized mounts keep the device secure and screen visible.

Endpoint Management- Filter scan help you manage which apps are available over the company network and at what time, ensuring that users are only using their data plans for business applications.

MobileWi-Fi – In-vehicle LTE Wi-Fi provides constant connectivity and enables your service fleet to become mobile command centers.


Transportation & Logistics

Mobility assists the Transportation & Logistics industry in maximizing productivity, maintain ELD compliance and streamline operations. Better visibility into the location of freight helps meet SLAs. Mobility also enables drivers and vehicles to be utilized more efficiently by linking them to dispatch for route optimization.

Connectivity - Outdoor Access Points provide connectivity in the yard, increasing operational efficiency.

Smartphone – Communications are essential.

Rugged – Rugged and semi-rugged mobile devices can withstand the vibration of heavy equipment and are the right choice for yard and warehousing operations.

Vehicle mount - Vehicle mounts secure phones and tablets safely in your truck or van.

Endpoint Management –MDM/EMM/UEM allows IT to administer profiles, apply security policies and deploy devices to multiple locations efficiently.


Mobility has transformed brick-and-mortar retail, making shopping a personalized and convenient experience. Such experiences as checking prices at a kiosk, line-busting when queues are getting longer, and personalized coupons sent to your phone based on the department where you are shopping are all made possible by mobile solutions. Add stunning and bold digital signage to draw your attention to exclusive promotions and new merchandise, and in-store shopping is unique again.

 Tablets – Tablets maybe mounted in kiosks, providing shoppers a place to look up information. They can also be carried by sales associates to assist your customers with their research.

Rugged- In the warehouse, rugged or semi-rugged devices stand up to the vibrations of a forklift while providing your staff with actionable intelligence where they need it, increasing productivity.

Mobile Point of Sale- mPOSis a retail mobility innovation that delivers a concierge customer experience by taking the transaction to the shoppers where they make their decision to buy.

Barcode Scanners – Wearable barcode scanners allow you to monitor inventory levels while leaving the hands of your associates free.

Endpoint Management –Retail can have many user profiles for mobile devices, as sales associates perform vastly different functions than warehouse personnel; MDM/EMM/UEM allow IT to manage those different roles and their respective authentications.

Failover – Failover networks enable you to complete transactions when the primary network is unavailable, ensuring that sales are not interrupted.

Digital Signage - Displays enhance the unique customer experience you provide, building loyal, repeat shoppers. Bold and engaging Outdoor Displays show your style and invite customers inside your store. Interior signage and video walls showcase your brands and your special promotions, helping inform your shoppers and delivering dynamic merchandising.

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